An Independent Voice for the Third District

I’m an independent because I believe we need to look at problems and issues with an open mind. Many times today I believe we miss opportunities to move forward and improve because the solution proposed is not “perfect”, or does not adhere to a certain dogma.  Instead of making progress and gaining those incremental benefits there is stalemate. Today’s large challenges such as healthcare, economic inequality & climate change have many causes and will require multifaceted solutions that will happen over time as we make continuous imperfect improvement.

One of the great passions of my life has been rugby.  In addition to highlighting the values of teamwork, rugby teaches that we belong to a larger community.  While I was a member of rugby club I identified with the rugby community as a whole. I believe we need to focus on what unites us rather than the partisan and divisive politics that dominates much of the discourse today.  I’m running as an independent because I believe the existing party structure today is broken and puts party self interest above the interest of citizens. I believe the nature of campaign finance today puts too much emphasis on fundraising and gives too much power to corporations and the wealthy.  Staying outside the party structure and committing to a transparent fundraising process will allow me to maintain an independent voice.

By working to find common ground and bring people together I believe we can find solutions that move us forward to a better future.  To highlight this unity my campaign color is purple to represent the common ground between “red” and “blue” politics.

In rugby we have a saying “with you” which means you are there supporting your teammate. You are there for the pass, there for the tackle but mostly you are there so your teammates are not alone. It takes work and commitment, it is not passive. It is iterative as you continually need to pick yourself up and support the play, support your teammate. It’s not completely altruistic as you benefit from being part of the play.  My goal and commitment this campaign and as your representative is to be “with you”

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